Create a new Pull request on Github

The next step is to make contributions to the project you are interested in. This is a interesting step as today most of the patches are submitted through pull request and It is one of the best way to collaborate in decentralize manner. So how will you start collaborating with mentor and submit your patches? I am going to write down each step as clear as possible.So the first step would be to contact your mentor and ask them “How can you start contributing to the project”. They will give you some simple task like making small changes in code or fixing some bugs etc. Now you know what you have do. So before start jumping on the code you will have to configure git in your local machine and send a pull request. It was my first hand experience of making contribution to an FOSS project and using github pull request. I will be giving step by step procedure to create a new pull request and make a commit which i have done for my project datagrepper.     

Check whether git is installed in your machine or not

$ git --version

if it returns string like “git version X.X.X.X” then it is installed if not; then type the command

 $ sudo yum install -y git (fedora) or sudo apt-get install git (Ubuntu)


Now If you have not configured your git, first do that with these commands.
$ git config --global "Your name here"
$ git config --global ""
Steps to make a new commit:
As you will make contribution to someone’s else project, so you will first have to ‘fork’ that repository.
To fork the project, click on the “fork” button on the github repository.

Then you will have to clone your fork. This will clone the project on your local machine and now, you can make changes to it.
$ git clone
$ cd datagrepper
# changes the active directory in the prompt to the newly cloned "datagrepper" directory.
Now, you will have to add the file in which you have made changes to the git.
For the first patch i have made changes in /datagrepper/ and /datagrepper/
$ cd datagrepper
$ git add
$ git commit
# write the changes you have made in in the new window that opens up.
$ git add
$ git commit
# write the changes that you have made in
$ cd ..
$ git push origin
# here you can add branches like master

this will ask you to enter your user-name and password.

Hurray!    you have created a new commit.Now your commit has been made on the forked repository. To create pull request click on the pull requests link on the project repository page.

Now click on the new pull request tab.

Thereafter click on the compare across forks and select the forks accordingly.

Then change the branch range and destination repository across forks

Now review the changes made.
Click Click to create a pull request for this comparison.

Enter a title and description for your pull request.
Click Send pull request
Happy Learning 🙂

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