GSOC Shumgrepper: Progress till now

Firstly, I want to apologize for being so late in updating my progress. But its better to be late than Never. As I am working on Shumgrepper, a web-app of summershum which collects the md5sum, sha1sum, sha256sum of every file present in every package. I am about to complete the 3rd week of my internship but i am going little slow and need to gear up in the coming days.

My work can be summarized as below:

Developed the basic framework of the app. Defined the directory structure of the app.
        templates\                     //store web app templates                         //contains definition of various end-points              
    apache\                            // for installing locations
    summershum\                        //files containing methods used for querying
    fedmsg.d\                          // display fedmsg messages 
                                          in human readable format
    requirement.txt                                     //to run server
Setup database and made shumgrepper app to query the summershum database.

After having discussion about database models, i finally decided to use sqlite database in which the original database model of summershum is. I cloned summershum repository and run it to store database and enable shumgrepper to query it.

Creation of endpoints

The confusion was to create separate endpoints or create one endpoint for all. But after discussion with my mentor, we decided to have separate endpoints to make querying easier and more clean.

Till now, I have created 4 endpoints:

  • /sha1/<sha1sum>             // to query by sha1sum
  • /md5/<md5sum>              // to query by md5sum
  • /tar/<tarsum>              // to query by tarsum
  • /sha256/<sha256sum>            // to query by sha256sum
Added CSS to enable the data (files information) appear in the form of table.

Screenshot from 2014-06-07 00:41:04

What’s next?

  • Till now, it returns data in html form. If a user requests data in json format, it should return json output.
  • Adding more endpoints to return the specific information requested by user.
    e.g. If user wants to see the files name with a specific sha1sum.
  • Create front page of the app.

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