Shumgrepper – Summary of work

In this blog, I am going to summarize my work till now. As the mid-term evaluation is going on this week, it would be better to have a look at the work done so far and task that are still left and what i have planned to do in coming days.

As per my proposal, I divided the whole project into 5 major tasks.

1. Query building for database

It involves the following tasks:

  • Setting up summershum database and enabled shumgrepper to query from it.
  • Designed basic layout  and defined directory structure of the app.
  • Creation of end-points to display files information by particular sha1sum, sha256sum, md5sum and tarsum.

2. Web – API Wrapper of the app

It involves:

  • JSON API: It returns json content if the request is made in json or request header is “application/json”.
  • Compare Packages: It returns filenames which are different in packages being compared.
  • File of a package: returns filenames of a package.

To do:

  • GPL License: find GPL license present in packages.

3. Web front-end

It involves improving the GUI of the app:

  • Created a index bar that appears on top of every page.
  • Added a function to summershum to list the names of all the packages. /packages endpoint will list all the package names which when clicked results into package information.
  • Added docs for API.

To do:

  • Design front-page of the app. A text box can be added to make /sha1sum, /sha256sum,  /tarsum, /md5sum simpler.
  • Improvements in the API doc.
  • Separation of API and UI.
  • Improvement in GUI to display filenames for /compare and /packages/{packages}/filenames.
  • Further, it requires other improvements in UI.

4. Deployment

I am currently working on its deployment. I hope it will be completed within next 2 days.

5. Integration and Testing

To do:

  • Create unit-test for the app.
  • Integration of the app. (if time permits)



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