Shumgrepper – Week 4 update

Work done this week can be summarized as below.

1. Json output

Earlier it returns only html content. What if a user request data in json?

A user can request json content via API through http get request. The content type for this request is ‘*/*’ which can be considered as ‘application/json’. Otherwise if user wants to request through user interface, he/she will get the html content of the data. For this, first we need to find the mimetype of the request made.

mimetype = flask.request.headers.get('Accept')

I had already done this before in datagrepper project where i made a function request_wants_html which returns true if mimetype is “text/html”.

def request_wants_html():
    best = flask.request.accept_mimetypes \
        .best_match(['application/json', 'text/html', 'text/plain'])
    return best == 'text/html'

Then i had to convert the data which was file object into its json. I tried using inbuilt functions but they could not directly convert it into json. It took a lot of time to get through this problem. Then finally I serialized the data and converted it into its dict.

def JSONEncoder(messages):
    message_list = []

    for message in messages:
        message_dict = dict(
            tar_file = message.tar_file,
            md5sum = message.md5sum,
            sha256sum = message.sha256sum,
            pkg_name = message.pkg_name,
            filename = message.filename,
            tar_sum = message.tar_sum,
            sha1sum = message.sha1sum

    return message_list


2. Compare packages

This can be used to compare the packages and return the filenames different(or same) in two or more packages. I first approached this by creating a endpoint like this  /compare/packages/{package1}/{package2}.  By this way, i could only compare two packages. I discussed with pingou, he suggested to take input from user all the packages name and then comparing them. I read a few tutorials and found this of great help. I created a web form using Flask-WTF extension.

Screenshot from 2014-06-17 17:13:57

It returns the filenames common to all the packages. But today, pingou suggested me that user would be more interested to know the files that have changed when he/she wants to compare the different versions of the packages. Besides this, I have to create API for it.


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